About DLH Design

Debbie Hollembaek has been designing residential, commercial, and RV environments since 1988.

She has designed homes from Seattle to Hollywood and completed several commercial projects in the Pacific Northwest. After completing her Interior Design education Debbie continued her studies with the American affiliate of International Association of Color Consultants giving her expertise in applied color science.

Debbie’s success comes from designing responsibly to fit the emotional and functional needs of her clients and their environment. She is customer-focused rather than design-centric. Her passion has always been to enhance her client’s personality within the design creating one of a kind interiors.

Her innovative approach to the design process helps her clients uncover their design style types by using questionnaires, color tools, and design visuals. Debbie created these tools while teaching at Lane Community College and they are designed to inform and inspire awareness of her client’s unique “Design DNA”.